My child has never played before, how do I join?2023-05-02T05:50:19+00:00
  1. Please fill out the following form
  2. The relevant coordinator will give you a call with the next steps
I’d like to transfer from another club to the Scorpions, how do I do that?2023-05-02T05:54:37+00:00
  1. Fill out the following form
  2. The relevant coordinator will check transfer availability, and be in contact with you for the next steps.
Where and when are the games?2023-08-09T03:20:39+00:00

We play in the K&MDBA competition, the largest Domestic Basketball Association in Australia. We play in competitions on Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturdays at the following venues: Kilsyth Basketball Stadium, Lilydale Stadium, Oxley Stadium and Melba Secondary College. For more information, please visit Kilsyth Basketball Website.

How much does it cost to register for a season?2023-08-09T03:26:38+00:00

As of August 2023, our fees are as follows:

Kilsyth Registration – $10

SCYC Registration – -$65

Where do I buy a playing uniform?2023-08-09T03:32:14+00:00

Our new Online uniform shop is now open – please purchase all uniforms and apparel here – ONLINE SHOP

How are teams formed?2023-08-09T03:40:32+00:00

We have a team of section coordinators that work with the coaches to form teams each season.  Teams are selected based on skill and friendship groups, however we do try and keep teams together as much as possible.

Who coaches the teams?2023-08-09T03:47:57+00:00

All coaches are volunteers that are approved by the club.  Although most are parents, we also have several coaches that are just passionate about the sport, and want to coach a team.  All coaches are supported by the Section Coordinator, and the Coaching Coordinator.  All coaches must hold a valid Working With Childrens check.  If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact the Coaching Coordinator.

Where do I find my Team Fixture2023-08-09T03:52:17+00:00

All fixtures are found on PlayHQ   Just select the current season, and your age group/team.

What should I bring to training?2023-08-09T03:55:39+00:00

Players should bring the following to each training session:

  • Correct ball size.
    • Miniball to U11 (Size 5)
    • U12 – U23 Girls (Size 6)
    • U12 – U14 Boys (Size 6)
    • U15 Boys and above (Size 7)
  • Water Bottle
Is there a fee to play each week?2023-08-14T04:38:50+00:00

Yes, each game there is a Team Sheet cost per team.  This is divided equally between all players in the team and paid for through Teamapp.  Scorpions use TEAMPAY for all game day payments, this payment is charged by the team manager approx. 24 hours prior to game day to ensure a smooth process on game day. Your team manager will discuss the process of team pay at the start of the season. As a club we have made it policy that you have made a commitment to a team and are required to pay for ALL games for that season using the weekly team pay method, regardless if your child is playing or not. The only exception to this is if injured and have a medical certificate that has been provided to the team manager.


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